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Bundaberg Basketball would like to advise all of our members of the nominations received for the upcoming AGM.


Samie Dickson-

Nominated for Vice President

Nominated by - Darren Mortensen & Katrina Ashmore

Katrina Ashmore-

Nominated for Secretary

Nominated by - Darren Mortensen & Samie Dickson

Rachel Fenner -

Nominated for Treasurer

Nominated by - Mick Catlin & Samie Dickson

Darren Mortensen-

Nominated for President

Nominated by - Samie Dickson & Katrina Ashmore

Nicole Willet -

Nominated for Committee member

Nominated by - Amanda Coulton & Katrina Ashmore

Dave O’Brien -

Nominated for Committee member

Nominated by - Peter Ashmore & Samie Dickson

We look forward to continuing to work as a united team to ensure Bundaberg Basketball continues to create opportunity and support for our members as Bundaberg Basketball continues to grow into the future.

Bundaberg Basketball’s AGM will be held at Bundaberg Basketball Stadium, 3 Flint Street Bundaberg South on Saturday, September 3rd at 1:00pm.


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