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☆ New Sponsor ☆

Bundaberg Basketball would like to welcome Coochie Hydro Green Lawn Services Bundaberg as a sponsor of Bundaberg Basketball.

Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Services are the experts you need to maintain or repair your existing lawn or turf. Using their unique 6-in-1 liquid lawn treatment, tailored especially for your lawns, your lawn can be green, weed-free and grub-free with no hassles. A local reliable business you can count on.

Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Services Bundaberg, are sponsoring us through our community care package. With this sponsorship, Bundaberg Basketball can ensure a core focus is on community inclusion with giving us the ability to break down the financial barrier for families and covering the fees for 1 junior member to join our club and provide them with their players singlet free of charge. Alongside this, the community care package also supports our association in creating opportunity for the future QSL seniors program.

Thank you Ben & Maxie from Coochie Hydrogreen Lawn Services for supporting Bundaberg Basketball, your support ensures community run clubs like Bundaberg Basketball can continue to grow, offer more opportunity and embrace inclusion within our community.


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