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U12 REP Breaking News!

Bundaberg Basketball want to congratulate our U12’s Bundaberg Basketball representative teams!!

Yesterday marked the final day of State Champs for 2022.

We are so proud of all our teams, however we need to give a special shout out to our Bundy Bears for their incredible achievements for the 2022 season of representative basketball.

The Bears finished with Gold in the CQJBC, which then put the team into the Division 1 competition for State Champs, which meant they were versing the best of the best teams in QLD for State Champs.

Then the show begun, game after game the girls showed every team that they were there to win, they pushed hard every game and did Bundaberg Basketball proud. Winning multiple games and losing a few by only a couple of points, they were a very competitive team in the division 1 competition.

Today they achieved the title of 6th best team in QLD for U12 girls, this is an incredible achievement which we are super proud of.

Looking at the records for Bundaberg Basketball, we can’t find the exact last record where a team or a girls team played in Division 1 and achieved the result of coming 6th in the STATE! (If you have information on any records around this we would be grateful for the information)

The Bundy Bears turned heads, put Bundaberg in the minds of many and played amazing, we really are so proud.

Massive congratulations to the coaching team, Sean, Ava & Manager Candice for their dedication and effort preparing the team for Division 1 at State Champs.

Girls, you are amazing and truly are champions and we can’t wait to see what happens next! 🏀

Our Bundy Bulls competed in division 2 and the team finished States in 10th position and again played like Champions. You boys should be proud. Huge thank you to their coaching team, so many hours of dedication, training and commitment, which the team appreciate greatly.

The Bundy Polar Bears played like true champions, they entered in Div 3, developed their skills and took the court for every game like winners! Great work girls. Thanks to their coaches who worked as a team to ensure the girls had support, learnt new skills and gave it their all.

Bundaberg basketball are super proud of all the players, coaching teams and families who make the rep seasons possible. 🏀

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