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  co-vid 19 RULES  

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bundaberg basketball


  •   Only enter the venue 10 minutes prior to your allocated game time – This refers to all players, referees, and spectators

  •   You must leave the venue 10 minutes after your game has finished

  •   You must sign in every time you enter the venue on the sheet provided

  •   Registered players do NOT need to sign in

  •   There are sign in forms at the front counter and side table

  •   It is recommended only immediate family members attend with players

  •   SANITISE... Everyone MUST sanitise before entering the venue

  •   Please sit in the designated seats in the stadium area. This adheres to the 1.5mtr social distancing rules

  •   To proceed to the outdoor courts please follow the green arrows and use the first door & ramp to the right of the indoor stairs

  •   To re-enter the stadium from the outside courts to use the amenities, canteen or exit the venue please use the door and steps at the courts 3 and 4 entry point. Follow the red arrows and the steps between the white seats marked exit



  •   Please sanitise the players benches before you leave the court



  •   Please sanitise the ball used for the game you refereed



  •   Please sanitise the iPad and scoreboard

  •   Please complete the COVID-19 Biosafety checklist (see form on the table)


Thank you to everyone for your assistance in keeping our sporting community and venue COVID safe

BBI CO-VID Entry Rules.jpg
BBI CO-VID Entry Rules.jpg
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