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Bring Back QBL to BUNDY Continued

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Mick Catlin

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​I am so passionate about getting our QBL program up and running again because of how positively it affected my life. Coming from a broken home male role models were non existent for me but after joining basketball at the age of 14, I found myself being encouraged for the first time. I look back and and so grateful how much of a positive influence the people at Bundaberg Basketball had on my life. Without the example all my peers at Bundaberg Basketball set for me I would not have the work ethic or passion I do for the game today. I appreciate it so much now what they have given me.


What will it bring to Bundaberg?
Bringing the Bundy Bears and Bulls back into the QBL will be a major boost to the Bundaberg economy and cement the game of Basketball back as a major sporting event for this region. Normally you would have to travel to a major city to see a sporting event of this magnitude. We plan on our QBL nights being every bit as exciting with the huge heart that a regional city can provide.

The Bundaberg Bulls and Bears will prove that they support growth in the sporting industry in Bundaberg and value their role in developing the younger generation of basketball enthusiasts. The club will be helping to promote Bundaberg as the ideal place to raise a family while continuing to help the community, local business and the district thrive and grow.

Who are BBI and why has this campaign been started?​

As I mentioned earlier, BBI is a non-for-profit organisation that is run by a small group of volunteers with a player base of 250+ and an impressive social media following. We are driven to provide as much opportunity as we can to those players whose dream it is to follow the path to as many basketball opportunities as possible.

What will QBL bring to Bundaberg?
QBL home games will be run with huge promotions and entertainment to entice Bundaberg locals to attend the games and bring a sense of pride back to the local community. Each game has the potential to draw a crowd of 800+ people which will bring huge financial benefits to the region.
We will introduce 4 international players (2 male, 2 female) to the community to inspire our junior players to achieve a higher standard and our local youth to stay in school and better their futures. They will also be employed to assist in working with a variety of local programs i.e disability, indigenous, youth, women’s, homeless and meals on wheels to name a few.
Bundaberg will be required to host 8 QBL home games (not including finals) which will bring a minimum of 500+ people into the region annually. For each home game, players, coaches and supporters will travel to Bundaberg requiring accommodation, food and entertainment.
There is a possibility of having an NBL pre-season game between the CQ University Cairns Taipans and Brisbane Bullets in Bundaberg due to the relationships already developed between BBI and the Brisbane Bullets Organisation. Utilised correctly this can be a massive promotion for the Bundaberg Region and Bundaberg Basketball.

What will your Partnership help with?
In order to achieve the high level of professionalism required and to give our players that opportunity to play at a higher level and be recognised for their skills, we continue to need financial support through partnerships with our local business community for things such as:
• Travel costs and general overall running costs of the QBL program.
• Purchasing of uniforms and team gear for the teams which will go towards ensuring that the Bulls and Bears have a professional image to take into the community and to wear while they assist with organising and running our junior basketball program,
• Bringing 2 male and 2 female import players to the teams to help strengthen the teams, assist in promoting the game of basketball throughout the state and to represent the teams and their partners at numerous community programs in a professional manner wherever they go.
• Assist in housing and transport for our international players.
• Developing our junior basketball players.
• Assist in paying cost to transport, accommodate and feed both teams for away games.
• Purchasing advertising materials for sponsors/partners.

This is an exciting opportunity to join the movement and help generate a focal point of our communities pride, with the goal to see our region represented from the 2020 season with home games played at the Multiplex stadium. We would also like to assist local youth programs by offering work experience at our home games at the Multiplex. 

The recent changes to Basketball Queensland and the creation of NBL ONE has meant it has become a National Competition. The regular season structure of competing in a state wide competition has stayed the same, but at the end of the season the other NBL ONE states will crossover with Queensland to play off for the National Championship. This will mean invaluable national exposure for Bundaberg Business and the Bundaberg Region!

There are countless opportunities and benefits to our local business sector that having the Bundaberg Bears and Bulls playing in the QBL 2021 competition. These benefits will flow on to our community both near and far. If you are interested to learn more about being part of this invaluable community program please contact me for more information or download the
QBL Proposal Package here.

Warm Regards

Mick Catlin

P: 0409 219 224


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