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CQBL Game 1 Results

Bundaberg Basketball association would like to thank everyone who supported us last night and came out for a great night.

We are thankful for the support of our local sponsors. Bundy Basketball are a local community run association committed to inclusion and support within our association. Sponsors whom partner us allow us to provide more opportunity to our members and our community.

McDonalds Bundaberg


Bundy Hot Gas


Kens Kepnock Butchery


Thank you, for supporting Bundaberg Basketball.

An extended thank you goes out to our volunteers in the association, Sean on the mic, thank you, floor wipers, score bench, ladies & gents in the canteen & bar, such a big job. THANK YOU to every one of you, without you, the night would not be the same, you all did an amazing job. Our canteen manager Marika, we are so grateful for your dedication and all the hard work behind the scenes that no one sees. We appreciate every single on of you.

Thanks to Luke Watson for the welcome to country.

A huge thanks you to our Special Olympics players that played last night. You all did so well and should be very proud of yourself. The green team took out the win, but it was close the whole way through. The best part was watching how proud each of you were through the game. We look forward to hosting more of your games. Thanks coach Candice for your continued dedication and support.

Shout out to the senior teams, coaches, assistant coaches and managers, the games were epic. The Bundy Bears took the win in the ladies game, but the Maryborough Magic mens team came out on top after going into extra time, even points the whole way. Awesome to watch, well done to all the players. It’s great to see Basketball alive in Bundy.

The stadium was packed, the atmosphere was on fire. Best part is we get to do it all again next week. So if you missed out last night, plan it for next Saturday. Get in early to grab a seat as last night we were almost at standing room only.

More photos to come!


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