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Working Bee - Today

Bundaberg Basketball are putting a call out to our members, we are having a cleaning/revamping day today - Saturday 2nd July.

We have a few changes we have made at the stadium and we are having a bit of a clean up/working bee.

Hoping we may be able to get a few handy helpers. 🙏

We are, washing all the walls of the stadium, (huge job) needing to do a life line run (we need a trailer) and a couple of things to do outside also, we also need a trolley to move some heavy items.

We appreciate any offer of help we can get, many hands make light work.

We are starting at 10am till we are completed.

If you may be available even for an hour, we would really really appreciate it. Please let us know.

Thank you, Bundaberg Basketball Management Committee.


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