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Macca's Fri Junior Teams & Draws Available Now

Macca’s Friday night Junior’s team lists and draw is now available - if you have not registered yet, please do so now!

Junior team lists and draw for Macca’s Friday night juniors are now available on our website

🏀 Due to many new members joining over the last week coaches will watch the games this Friday night to ensure the teams are fair and represent a good competition.

🏀 Therefore teams and divisions may have some slight changes before being finalised after this coming Friday night after we see the teams in action!

❗️ There are many members that remain unregistered still, please ensure all registrations are paid before Friday, as no registration will mean players can not take the court to play.❗️

If you look at the teams and can not see your child/ren names, this may mean you have not completed the registration, please, do so asap.

As you can imagine the task of ensuring the teams are even and fair is huge, we thank our junior co-ordinator for the time and knowledge this takes to ensure the competition is enjoyable for all members.

Bundaberg Basketball look forward to another great season of competition.

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