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New Committee Members


The new Management Committee members are:

President Samie Dickson

Vice President Geteno George

Secretary Paula Potts

Treasurer Paula Potts

Committee Member Mick Catlin

Committee Member Nicole Willett

Committee Member Katrina Ashmore

Thank you to the outgoing Committee for your support.



Junior Co-ordinator & Canteen Convenor

These are 2 major positions that need to be filled. Please consider stepping up to assist in these areas.

Without a Junior Co-ordinator, the junior competition cannot run successfully.

Without a Canteen Convenor, it will not be operational. This would mean a substantial loss of income. An increase in membership fees would need to be considered to cover the loss.

There are other areas that require volunteers to help out.

Please contact Paula via email ( for information and position description.


Due to changes in circumstances we have teams that are without Coaches.

Would you be available to coach a team?

Please contact Paula via email (

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