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Juniors Update

  • Last day of fixtures before Christmas is this Friday, 3rd December.

  • Junior trainings (Mondays, Tuesdays) are now finished for the year. They will commence again in the second week of school 2022.

Due to the CQJBC in Rockhampton this weekend (see below), we will be missing a lot of our volunteers this Friday. Please help out your association by putting your hand up to score games or jump in the canteen for half an hour. Also, if you are around during the last game, it would be great if a few more people would help empty the bins - lots of people doing a little makes a big difference!

Extra Aussie Hoops Session

Aussie Hoops is still on this Friday, which is the last Friday of this Aussie Hoops term.

Because we lost a few weeks due to the rain, there will be an additional session next week.

Day: Monday, 6th December

Sesion 1 time: 4 - 4.50 pm

Session 2 time: 5 - 5.50pm

Place: Court 2, Bundaberg Basketball

For older (non-Aussie Hoops) players, we are still looking into options to make up the lost games and will advise as soon as possible.

CQJBC This Weekend

Our U16s and U18s travel to Rockhampton this weekend. This will be the U18's final CQJBC before State Championships in January, and the first CQJBC for the u16s.

We will post results on our Facebook page after the carnival. You can follow the results (and some livestreams) via our Rep Updates Facebook group.

Best of luck to all of our players, coaches and referees.


This is the last week of the senior women's Thursday night competition until the new year.

Senior mens (Tuesday and Wednesay nights) will still continue for 2 more weeks. All draws are available on our website and on the Basketall Connect app.

From the President

- Update from the Basketball Queensland Conference

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Basketball Queensland conference in Brisbane. As well as learning from the presenters, it was also a great opportunity to catch up with other associations to discuss issues they face and gain ideas for things that work well.

Some things that you, as members, may find interesting:

  • Basketball participation and membership across Queensland grew by 30% this year compared to 2019. Bundaberg Basketball experienced similar growth, so we are on par with other associations. It seems that society is catching on to how great this sport is!

  • The growth in Aussie Hoops and other introductory programs across Queensland was 63%! Candice, Caitlin and our other Aussie Hoops volunteers are doing a great job contributing to this.

  • Every association has some form of struggles with facilities and court time. We are actually one of the lucky ones! Some other associations:

  • Run their weekly domestic competitions across multiple venues. One association runs their competitions across 19 venues! Not 19 courts, 19 venues. That means that some families have 2 members playing at the same time in different suburbs.

  • Limit rep trainings to one 2-hour session per week. Any other rep training has to be things like fitness trainings on school ovals.

  • Some associations only have trainings on concrete or other inferior surfaces (the courts may be indoor but they don’t have proper timber floors, good backboards etc).

  • One association has some of their teams having their one rep training per week at 6am on a weekday.

  • One major association (who leases their courts from the council, they do not own them) lose their courts for 15 weeks each year due to the council hiring it out to other competitions. Another week long competition lost access to one of their courts for the final day due to the council giving it to a gymnastics competition instead – and this happened during the competition with only a few days’ notice to the organisers.

Although we are always working towards increasing our facilities, we are lucky to own and control our own facility.

  • The SQJBC (the southern conference of the pre-state champs rep program) has moved this year from a weekly format to a carnival format similar to our CQJBCs (Central Queensland Junior Basketball Competition). There have been some complaints from city athletes and their families that playing 4 games over a weekend is too much – something that brought a smile to the faces of the central and northern delegates. This change was brought about because BQ realised that the central and particularly the northern associations were performing much better than the southern associations at state champs with fewer members. Unfortunately, this takes away a bit of our advantage! However it is something to be proud of that our program has been the leader in this area.

  • Sadly, all associations and BQ have seen an increase in poor behaviour from spectators and parents. We are not immune to this either. BQ are looking at strategies to combat this, although I don't believe we should be waiting for this. We should want this to not have to apply to us.

I won’t bore you with the many other things covered at the conference as they were mainly governance and systems related, however there is plenty to keep the management committee busy in the coming months. Also, I'm always happy to have a chat and answer any questions you may have.

Lucinda Doughty


Bundaberg Basketball


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