And the Summer Comp Winners are.....

2020/21 Summer Season Grand Final Results..... Congratulations to the following grand final winning teams!



Div 1 Men: Oz Intensity

Div 1 Women: Slayers

Div 2 Men: Bench Warmers

Div 3 Men: Average Joes

Under 21 Men: Oz Intensity

JUNIORS Div 1 Boys Champion Team: Clippers Most Consistent Player: Jude Sheppard Best Team Player: Harrison Gray

Div 2 Boys Champion Team: Bucks Most Consistent Player: Weston Giovanni Best Team Player: Mitchel Webster

Div 3 Boys Champion Team: Crocs Most Consistent Player: Rylan Gillin Best Team Player: Caleb Box

Div 4 Boys Champion Team: Spurs Most Consistent Player: Ryan Jackson Best Team Player: Oliver Timmons

Div 1 Girls Champion Team: Mystics Most Consistent Player: Georgia Herbener Best Team Player: Eryn Tessier

Div 2 Girls Champion Team: Liberty Most Consistent Player: Belle Caughley Best Team Player: Chloe Peacock

Div 3 Girls Champion Team: Tigers Most Consistent Player: Pyiper Redgard Best Team Player: Dalilah George

Players, coaches, volunteers and supporters... a huge congratulations to everyone on a FANTASTIC SEASON!