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Bundaberg Basketball Elite Skills Clinics / Coaches Clinic – Sunday 20 May 2018

Brady Walmsley – BQ North State Performance Manager is coming to Bundy. Attention all Bundaberg Representative Coaches!!!

We are targeting players from our representative teams for Brady’s visit.

In the case of the U16s and U18s, we would be looking at the kids that either just played the current rep. season, or you believe are capable of making a rep. team next season.

The U18 session will double as our coaching clinic where our coaches can observe and ask questions. This is a great opportunity for our coaches to gain insight into the style of play that BQ expects at the next level. All coaches are invited to this session and are also encouraged to attend their respective age group session if they wish.

I have included a timetable below. Please encourage your players to attend as I believe this is a great opportunity for our juniors.

Cheers, Sean

Elite Skills Training – Sunday 20 May - Bundaberg U12 Girls and Boys - 10am to 11am U14 Girls and Boys - 11am to 12pm WIDE BAY TRAINING - 12pm to 4pm (Brady can have a break!) U16 Girls and Boys - 4pm to 5pm U18 Girls and Boys - 5pm to 6pm (This session will also double as the coaching clinic). Some of the areas Brady intends to cover in the Coaching Clinic are: Offence Offence 1) Pace 2) Space 3) Create  Defence 1) Tag Up 2) Disrupt 3) Demonstrate Discipline 

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