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Summer Season Hiatus...

Not long before our Summer Season breaks up for the holidays! Our Juniors finish next Friday with everyone else the following 2 weeks.

BREAK DATES: Juniors & Aussie Hoops - FRI 4th DEC LADIES Comps - THUR 10th DEC U21 Men - TUES 15th DEC DIV 1 Men - TUES 15th DEC DIV 2&3 Men - WED 16th DEC

BACK DATES: DIV 2&3 Men - WED 13th JAN U21 Men - TUES 19th JAN DIV 1 Men - TUES 19th JAN LADIES Comps - THUR 21st JAN Juniors & Aussie Hoops - FRI 29th JAN

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Div 3 Girls WED Training

TRAINING FOR ALL DIVISION 3 GIRLS Wednesdays 3:45pm - 5:30pm This training is for all division 3 girls no experience necessary, come along and learn some new skills. Bring a ball and a drink bottle.


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